The Charlotte burger chain is home to the Roadstar. An absolutely massive burger stacked four patties high and weighing in just over 1.5 lbs. A burger that big was screaming for an event that stacked up just as high. Working directly with Major League Eating, the Roadstar Challenge was born. An event that pitted five of MLE’s best eaters, including the legendary Joey Chestnut of Nathan’s July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest fame. The eaters would have to devour four Roadstar burgers as fast as they could to claim victory. So, how fast did they consume more than 6lbs worth of burgers? Joey Chestnut was able to scarf his down in a record time of 4 minutes and 24 seconds to take home the championship belt. This event not only helped American Burger Co. realize the best sales in the company’s history, but it was also able to partner with Carolina Panther legend Thomas Davis and donate a portion of those proceeds to his Defending Dreams Foundation.

All made possible because of

this monster.

What did Joey do

after he won?

Joey was nothing but humble after his victory. He was found hanging out with his fans, signing autographs, and shotgunning beers. Apparently, 6lbs of burgers will make you pretty thirsty.

The Roadstar

also inspired one of the best mascots of all time.

Roadie was created to help bring some attention to the local burger chain at their 5 area locations and at events like Charlotte Knights and Carolina Panther games. Roadie was even a star in some of American Burger Company’s most popular social media videos.