After the pandemic hit (you know the one), the need to create safer spaces in buildings and businesses was higher than ever before. Luckily, ASSA ABLOY had a new product primed for just this situation, they just needed help creating a campaign and materials to let the world know. I’m not saying the world wouldn’t have already reopened without the SW60, but it does kind of make you wonder. Thanks, ASSA ABLOY.

Meet the SW60

Oh, and it’s available in two colors to best match your business’ interior.

Every door

has its day.

We often take automatic doors for granted. We walk through them every day without even thinking about them and how much they’ve changed our lives. An industry as ubiquitous as automatic doors deserves to have its own day. I was able to help launch the inaugural Automatic Door Day and bring some much-needed attention to the industry. Be sure to mark your calendars for March 19th, it’s going to be automatically awesome.

If all of this
automatic door talk
didn’t get you pumped,

try the official Automatic Door Day playlist.